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May 12, 2013
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Christian Emerson. by KingNeroche Christian Emerson. by KingNeroche
Species :: Hohle' (who-lay)
Type :: Devil
Addiction :: Raw Meat (Live Prey)

About:: CHRIS WAS BORN AND RAISED IN SOUTH CALIFORNIA. He had a younger brother name Nathan (who he was over protective over and had a tight bond with) and three friends named Allison, Connor and Jake. After an unfortunate event involving another gang terrorizing them, Chris found Nathan being beaten to death by a few gang members one evening when he was out practicing baseball on his own. He snapped and fought to defend him (with the sudden adrenaline/hohleshifting) he beat them to death. He had bullet wounds and was fairly beat up. Nathan was shot and beaten in the legs, Skull bashed in with his own bat as well as other injuries. In a moment of fear/confusion/adrenaline, Chris took Nate and ran off into the woods nearby. He stopped infront of an old tree and rested Nathan there, He couldn't take him to the hospital cause they would charge him with murder but he couldn't let him die, despite the fact it was too late to even try. Both knowing the demise, chris ended up digging Nate's grave infront of him with nothing but his bare hands. Nathan died shortly before he finished. After some moments he took off and continued walking into the woods before he passed out. Without his medication for his mental disorders, he ends up going mental and crazy and can't control his violent urges which leads him to his addiction of raw meat. Where he wakes up and finds himself eating small wildlife. There is more to his story but this is a big part of it and how he turned into a hohle. [link] (super old art)
Within the records, Chris is marked as dead and not known to have changed. All his past friends and family presume both boys as passed away. And due to that and town jumping, his random acts of violence and murder are gotten away with. He desperately wants to die and be caught though his instinct and mental stability don't allow him. After many years of running astray on his own and jumping from town to town, never staying in the same spot. He meets Theo and thus begin their adventures. Chris sees Theo as a younger brother though often doesn't show much compassion beyond being over protective and helping Theo with his addiction. (he also doesn't like theo seeing him committing his addiction fix and often sends him off for a while) (Theo belongs to ~sherbat ) spoiler alert: he dies in the end.

(His likes and dislikes are often mixed up depending on his mental status)
Likes:: Being happy, Playing with kids, Kids, The different sounds his bat makes on objects, (Often Likes and Dislikes > Ripping bodies apart, the different tastes of blood, <) warm areas, Clear nights, Birds and cats.

Dislikes:: Oceans, Freak outs, Panic attacks, Other Hohle', Anyone taller than him, arrogant people, Complete silence, etc.

Personality:: He is ALL OVER THE PLACE. You won't often see him long in the same mood. He's usually fairly calm and semi-happy on the border of anxiety. Though he can be overly sensitive and angered. He likes to play games with kids while in vise-versa play cat and mouse with his victims. He can easily love someone and when it comes to children he likes to 'protect them'. He despises his own existence and actions. He hates his addiction with a burning passion and often becomes disgusted and thrown into anxiety attacks when he realizes what he has done. *He usually commits vile acts of sadomasochism, torture, murder, cannibalism and rape.

-Random Facts-
-He loves children because they remind him of his younger brother so he often treats them as if his own. though if they show signs of discomfort he gets frustrated and gets violent killing the child in the end. (Theo is a cool cat)
-He's Cracked in the head and lives on the streets. He often has fears of being watched and being taken away by the government. (a legit thing to fear)
-He MAINLY feeds off animals. but wont' hesitate to lure (mainly lowlifes) people into cannibalism when he desperately needs it.
-He's pretty much an emotional wreck after his brother's death and clings to his bat as it's all he has left of him.
-He city hops. he never stays in the same city for long (usually because officials are looking for him after cases of murder.)
-He isn't in the system and presumed dead after the incident. and due to the fact he lives on the streets and wonders makes it harder to get him.
-He collects teeth (from anything), dead birds, and other things in his pockets.
-He RARELY gets pop-Culture anymore, so he doesn't listen to much music besides live shows and what's ever playing on radio.
-He's not proud of his actions and wishes desperately to be caught.
-He has Bipolar and Schizophrenia and is driven mad by it. He used to have medication before, this is an ongoing mental illness, though after the trauma his prescriptions were cut off. He tends to resort to street drugs once in a while to escape his own mind.

*I have no intentions to make light of these situations let alone do I agree with them. Please recognize there is a difference between the opinions/actions of the Character and the Creator. Please please understand that. Thank you
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