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January 4, 2013
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FRANSHIP. by KingNeroche FRANSHIP. by KingNeroche
I sketched this out almost a month ago actually! But I wanted to finish it now while I could. I made a group picture of all the people that have really and truly helped me out and supported me for the past couple of months ;v; I made friends and was able to reconnect with old ones and I couldn't be more thankful. All of them are sweeties and so kind and fUN!

So I'm making a gushy moment excuse me.

You are my oldest and closest friend, I've known you for practically 5 years and it makes me sO HAPPY TO KNOW THAT and to know you still want to be my friend after all this time. Your opinion and ideas means so much to me over most of my other friends and I often seek your approval on ideas fjdkls I aDORE YOUR ART and your sense of humour and how sassy and witty you are. I often used to seek out your comments and replies to people to laugh fdjksl though for a while we were distant and recently it made me happy we started to talk again and respark fRIENDSHIP THAT I WAS SCARED WAS FADING QvQ anyway you are rad keep up being rad mr radpants.

You are also one of my oldest friends! 3 years I think? and you have become like a brother to me over the years and I care for you so deeply and stress when you get into points of sadness or sickness ;v; I know we haven't talked much lately but in no way am I avoiding you or lost my care for you, you are a sweetie and I would never want to remove you from my life. You are like the long lost british brother I didn't know I had with you and yOUR ADORABLE DRUNKEN FACE.

I'm fairly convinced you are my long lost twin that resides undercover in Australia. I've known you for over a year and wOW IT FELT LIKE YESTERDAY. You are the sweetest butt ever and even though we barely talk because of our awkward timezones, I enjoy every minute that we do. And I feel so comfortable talking to you and sharing ideas and going to you when I need someone to vent ;A; You have always been so supporting of everything and silly at the same time! I'm so glad I became friends with you that long ago because I love getting into long engaging conversations about tHINGS!

I never expected us to be this close as friends before but lOOK NOW. You've tried hard to communicate and befriend me for so long but since I was a closed up person it was hard to even do that and I'M GLAD WE DID BECOME FRIENDS. You are so adorable and mature for your age and I simply aDORE HANGING OUT WITH YOU. and just being silly and dumb and playing games. You are a remarkable person and despite when you get upset and feel like you don't deserve the support and love you get, I mean everything I say to you and will stay put to cheer you up the best I can. And show you that you do deserve all the good that's come to you. You are also very determined and dedicated and have big dreams and I admire that in you!

I ALSO DID NOT EXPECT BEFRIENDING YOU BUT I'M SO GLAD I DID. I feel so wrong for judging you the way I did before without actually talking to you and getting to know you. You are so sweet and kind and have the best intentions in mind. You have a great sense of humour and you are just sO SASSY ITS GREAT. We can go from gossiping to goofing off and drawing and all sorts of junk. You are incredibly mature for your age and you are also sUPER ADOREABLE. I KNOW I SAY THAT A LOT ABOUT ALL MY FRIENDS BUT WOW ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GRADE A CUTIES. I admire your stance and how much you care for animals and your passion, and when you get hurt or something bad dares to come across you I can't help but to be wounded like yOU DON'T DESERVE THAT ;v; you are the best waifu

I used to be so intimidated by you and scared of you because you are so bold and honest and I always thought you didn't like me, despite the fact I aDORE YOUR ART. You've gone through MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT and I'm just BLOWN AWAY EVERY TIME. You also turned out to be the biggest sweetie and an ADORABLE PUFFBALL OF EMOTIONS. I adore talking with you and the times we would just be alone in a call and talk and gossip all night. I value you so much as a friend and you were there to support me and pick me up and give me a chance and I have to thank dani for that as well! You are a wonderful person and I ALSO APPRECIATE YOUR SASS. I hope you having a wonderful winter break and all things turn out for the better ;v;

nOW LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS DUMB. She's wicked silly and I have to thank you so much for letting me cry on your shoulders and care for me when I was alone and scared. I want to thank you so much for being there for me and cheering me up. I love to joke around and just act like the biggest capslock happy dumbs ever and I also like that we can share things and vent. You have the best intentions in mind and you are so sweet and caring and try so much to help out people. (and your art is PRECIOUS) I'm so glad we have upgraded TO FRIEND STATUS. To find that out really made me happy and you are the cOOLEST KID. ;v;

We've always been kind of acquaintances! we would talk once in a while and I often watched and adored your art and characters from the sidelines. As soon as we started to bond more that really made me happy, I have to thank you so much as well for letting me come to you and you support me and pick me up off my feet. And Meeting you really cheered me up and it was a WONDERFUL TIME QvQ! You are precious and I want to hug you forever and it was so neat to see you in person and hang out. To draw together and share ideas and RP and all this junk. You have helped me out in more ways than you think. And whenever you get down I always want you to know that you have impacted me a lot and I hope our friendship continues to grow, since you ARE SO NICE AAA!!

We haven't talked much or even associated as much as I have with Kira, but it was so amazing to meet you in person! you are such an adorable huggable person and I feel our friendship can increase and spark more! it's wonderful to talk to you when I get the chances and I BELIEVE IN YOU IN GETTING ALL YOUR WORK DONE. I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You are also so caring and have been there. and I honestly want to hang out with you more. You, Kira and I (and your other friends) all need to meet up and HANG OUT MORE. Even if we just hang out and draw. EVEN RP WHICH WE NEED TO DO GOODNESS.

I know this is all super dumb and doesn't mean much but wow you guys have made a difference to me and I couldn't be more thankful for it ;v;

I also have to thank my watchers and those that have come to me and cheered me up with their comments and kind words! It means so much that inspire people and they adore my art, like wow I feel repetitive when I respond to comments but I MEAN EVERY WORD. THANK YOU :heart: every time I get comments of people where I apparently make a different to them, inspire them in art or just anything. That what I do makes them happy, it puts the biggest dumbest smile on my face. jdflka



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This is really good!
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I'm sorry if this is weird but I've tried figuring it out myself and I really want to know who's character that magnificent dragon in the back is!
KingNeroche Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it belongs to :iconlinkaton:!
[OC Fursona Reference] - Akanii by Linkaton
Docksie Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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Oh my gosh
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i bet you most if not all of these are not wolves...
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Photoshop CS4 and Paint tool sai
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Oohh. I use Photoshop Elements 11 and Paint Tool Sai, but most of the time it is only SAI. Btw, do you have a YouTube and if ipso what is it?
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What program do you use?
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