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Submitted on
December 7, 2012


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Fursona Ponderings

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 7, 2012, 1:03 PM

This is more of a ramble journal that people can get involved with helping me out on the personal decision if they wish.

I am cornered between a rock and a hardplace when it comes to my Fursona. I love her, I love her design fOR THE MOST PART and she does resemble me fairly to the key. Though it troubles me cause for the past while I've been pondering on making a new fursona. I have no idea of the concept to be honest, I was thinking of going along a hoofed animal, (a Goat or Ibex) or some hybrid with that. I just don't feel complete with her I guess? I mean it's hard to explain, I guess a big part of it is she's not exactly flexible to work with when it comes to art and other things. and sometimes having a fullbody of bright orange tHROWS ME OFF. shE THIS BULKY FOX/MALAMUTE CREATURE THAT IS FLORESCENT ORANGE AND A FOREST OF TAILS ON HER BUTT. she's pretty much a big fluff ball with awkward hair and tail amounts. I love Kitsunes don't get me wrong, (There is a reason my name is Kyuubi and I have a Kyuubi fursona ahdhkldsd) but I am in the process of making a secondary fursona (not main bUT IT IS? it's a dudesona if you want to get technical and he's been in concept for a few months now)  Who is a kitsune. yet foxes aren't my favourite animal! (I LIKE THEM BUT YOU KNOW, I also don't want to feel like everyone else with common fursonas like Wolves and foxes like that)

If I DID change my fursona I would defiantly still KEEP Kyuu, update her a bit in design and possibly just call her Ellii to keep it short and sweet. Yet She does carry baggage on her. I have had her since 2009 (well earlier but the design anyway) and she's been through her fair share. I also want a less feminine looking character. possibly androgynous since that's how I am. hm

Though I Don't know what I want to do. auuugh it bothers me so much that I'll either regret changing her (since I'm so represented to her and I've built this image with her) gah maybe someone can help steer me in the right direction on this and help me out.

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reigisa Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
maybe you could just tone down the orange a bit? something like one of these two colors i mean [link]
or a bit lighter, your choice. :v
SaucyMutt Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the thing that's happened with me in the past is once i make a new fursona or like a secondary one, i end up drawing my main/first one way waaaaayyy less

a fursona is a fursona tho and it's entirely up to you if you want to change it

like, if people throw fits or anything it's - as douchey as this sounds - not your problem

represent yourself the way you want and just do what you want
I have a couple of friends who have multpile fursonas.
*Lockian Has two to represent different emotions, and my friend =xXSonayXx has four for different purposes(music, regular stuff, vents, etc.). So you could find another puprose for the new one or Kyuu.
CuddlyShark Dec 9, 2012  Student General Artist
I loved my old fursona but I really wanted to make a new one...
so I made a shark lol
Kinda abandoned the old caracal fursona I had.
well your fursona is awsome already and i can't wait to see it updated . w . , but you are right about almost everyone's fursonas being a fox or wolf. I think the best thing to do to solve your problem is to draw out your fursona in multiple animals. Maybe one might catch your eye that you never even thought of. It's a thought ^ ^ hope that helps a little
Maybe u can change Kyuu's design a bit? Like darken her fur color, take away a few tails ands make her more manly looking and see if that helps you like her better? Just dont post to D.A. so you dont feel the pressure of your watchers being against or for the tweaked design unless you love it ya know? Hope this helps!
dreamybean Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh i had a bit of an identity crisis like a year ago. i changed my fursona twice before realizing i loved my original design, and that's how it is today. maybe you just need to tweak her a bit or y'know, "reinvent" her. good luck c:
dragon-shark Dec 8, 2012  Student General Artist
I say you should mess around with ideas man. Maybe doodle up a few other animals that could be an option? And give them designs that could work for both emotional work and silly work you know? That's kinda why I made Comi's colors more dull and made her hairless at times, because it works well for almost anything, haha. I don't know just mess around, I suppose. :3
thenshowusallyourdoodlesonskype MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
KingNeroche Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm probably going to do that ;v;
AND I LOVE COMI'S DESIGN RIGHT NOW I really adore the hairlessness and auauua she's a qt tO ME

Whitephoxx Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I changed my fursona this year it was because I felt in my heart it was time to change. I wasn't Spazz anymore, I wasn't that cocky..flirty...insane demon cat anymore. I made her in high school (probably used her for about 7 years before I retired her) so I made a new fursona (my tailmouth). I changed my fursona because I as a person had changed...I feel like the new change is the real me and I should keep her. You can't cling to something just because it is the norm, and forget if people come along and talk crap about you changing your sona (it does happen in some cases)...your sona is YOU...screw what everyong else thinks. As for what I did with Spazz ( my old sona), she has her own album...and I still doodle her because she is still a part of me you know? Just keep her on and develop one with more YOUness lol. Hope my rambling was helpful.
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