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January 29, 2012


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Story Making, Tips and Advice. (tl;dr) Part. 2

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 3:10 PM

This journal is dedicated to helping those who have trouble with making characters and stories that go with it. Or probably some advice to those who could be blinded by the grip of having a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu character that isn't all that interesting as you think it is. Through out this journal I will create bullet points on how to make and interesting story/history.

Disclaimer:: What ever advice or tips that I give isn't telling you HOW this SHOULD be. There are other methods you can go about this, this isn't he only way at all, merely things I've learned from my own mistakes as well as what I've learned in my classes

So you want you character to have an original story, huh? Or you want to find a way to bring whatever concept you have in your head to life, right? Or maybe you don't have a story at all and just a character that floats in space forever doing jackshit. Stories are what MAKES the character who they are, they are what makes the character much more interesting then having a design sitting around that's just used to look pretty.

Please keep in mind, story can make your character the dreaded mary-sue/gary-stu that everyone cringes when they see. Creating a story is as delicate as the character making process. Each needs to be done with plenty of thought and care.

Story making

Creating a world before making the character, and vise-verse.
Sometimes, creating a world, it's history, races, species, rules and law before creating characters to inhabit the land is the best for structure. Follow a theme, don't make the place completely haphazard with every theme out the ass you can think of. Take a theme you can work with and try to imagine what it looks like. Make a map! Add history to each area, battles different races/species have had, where the royal/divine lands are and the forbidden. The possibilities are endless! If you already have characters and need a world, don't fret! what are they based on? do they have modern clothing? maybe a city! are they Victorian in style? the 1800s!

Research if your world/theme is a real place or social movement!
If you have maybe a story that's based in Victorian London, RESEARCH THAT TIME PERIOD. Or maybe something based in World War II? Research that! If it's fictional though based on a mythology such as English works with their type of fantasy, research it! Something based in asian culture? which one? all asian cultures are different! RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH~!!!!

If you want to go to the extra mile, study Mythology. (Like Greek or Norse!)
This can have no theme or area related means to your world or character, though it does help with information on the term of 'mythology' and how societies worked with stories or each other, imagination, and having every part of the land have meaning (even divine!) and much more!. As my teacher would always tell us, "You don't NEED to know it, though having the information will probably make you better at the task."

Law influences a story dramatically.
Your story needs structure, add law/govern to it. It can be ruled my a monarchy, a democracy, a totalitarianism or even a world with no government! Each one has different influence on the land and it's people. A monarchy or a totalitarian government can make unlawful rules and ties on the freedom of the people. Or a no governed land can create chaos through out the lands. KEEP THIS IN MIND.

Don't make your character a super special 'snowflake'
Have your character come from a common people, on occasion, you can have one from a peoples that have been missing/killed/rare, but this doesn't make them more intensely greater than their peers. Avoid having a character that came out of nowhere (where did his people go? why did they go? why is he one of the survivors?)

Give your character a background! A trait or skill that makes them who they are.
Was your character a blacksmith? a Chef? an artist or a warrior? Obviously they have talent and background from that! What's the reason behind those skills? family business? Just talented? or is there a deeper meaning? Do NOT over skill your character. No one is good at everything! you can have other skills, you can be an artist and a chef, or you can be a warrior and good with animals. These pasts can add more to who they are and how they will approach their future ordeals.

Humanity and emotion
Whether human or not, humanity is something a character has that helps people who are reading your story relate to it better. A character can lack humanity (though they tend to be antagonists) though that is a move that makes your character heartless and unloved by a greater audience. Add emotion to the character, it evokes emotion out of the reader and that's what you want to make it interesting!

These here aren't exactly what makes the plot to your story, though it adds a greater background to what you want to make. If you follow along I will tell you a theory by Campbell, which covers how,structurally, Most movies/books/games/etc are the same. Which isn't a bad thing! It tends to grab the viewer greater in interest as they are familiar with the tales.

I do apologize if I'm unable to word this clearly.

A hero to a story tends to follow steps on his journey, they tend to follow a structured path that you can find in most movies and games and books.

The Ordinary world.
Introduce your character into a world they are familiar with. A world that the reader can recognize as a comforting, happy place, where there isn't much a worry. Everything is how it should be.

Call to Adventure
The hero receives the call to their 'prophecy' or their quest.

The hero can be modest about it, not wanting to leave the ordinary world from comfort and happiness or they feel they can't possibly overcome this quest.

There tends to always be a mentor of sorts, he doesn't have to be like Merlin or Gandolf. But an ally that encourages the hero on their quest, someone that is able to help in any way though they are limited in their help. (such as Navi from LoZ, or Shifu from Kungfu Panda)

Crossing the First Threshold
Basically entering the new world, beginning their quest and agrees to facing the consequences to the problem and ordeal that the call of adventure brings.

Tests, Allies and Enemies
This is something everyone has. they naturally encounter new challenges and tests, make friends and enemies on the way and begin to make a dent into the new world.

Approach the inmost cave
Hero comes at last to the edge of a dangerous place. Sometimes underground, where the object of the quest is hidden. It can be the headquarters of the hero's greatest enemy. The hero enters a place that is most likely the hero's second threshold. The hero plans Approach and prepares on how to thwart his enemies in the area.

The Ordeal
The fortunes of the hero hit rock bottom at this point in time usually faced with the greatest fear. Faces the possibility of death and is usually the 'black moment' for the audience filled with tension and suspense.

Beating their greatest enemy, it's that time the hero can celebrate. The Hero takes the treasure or whatever it was they were seeking at last as their reward. Sometimes it's a weapon like a sword, or a princess, or curing chaos in the world. Every story needs such a life-or-death moment in which the hero or his goals are in mortal jeopardy.

The Road Back
Hero isn't out the woods yet, they have to go back to the ordinary world and they have to deal with the consequences of confronting -The ordeal-. It can be faced by disrupting the forces that were caused by taking the sword or object and usually inspired chase scenes or such.

Where the hero is transformed from the experience. It is usually the second major test the hero must over come to truly see if he has learned his lesson from the ordeal. It can be another life-or-death situation and is usually 're-birthed' before they can go back to the ordinary world.

The Return with the Reward
The Hero returns to the ordinary world once more, though the journey was meaningless unless they bring back the reward (be it peace to the land or an elixir or anything really). It can also be the knowledge gained from the quest that would be useful to the hero's original society.

I hope this helps any of you on that journey or process of making a story for your character! Hopefully this might help you in the future in the creative process :heart:

thank you for reading!

Part 1:: Character Making
Character Making, Tips and Advice. (tl;dr) Part. 1I'm sitting here trying to put off work eating a chicken burger and staring at my computer with no physical intent to be productive, though mentally I feel like I can finish everything in one day.
In all reality this has all been wondering through my head for the past couple of weeks and after seeing other people take a hand at giving advice to people, maybe I can shed my own tips and words into this complicated fortune.
This journal is dedicated to helping those who have trouble with making characters and stories that go with it. Or probably some advice to those who could be blinded by the grip of having a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu character that isn't all that interesting as you think it is. Through out this journal I will create bullet points on how to make and interesting character.
I will make a part 2 journal about making stories and give a tiny lesson on 'The Hero's Journey'.
Disclaimer:: What ever advice or tips that I give isn't telling you HOW this SHOULD be. There are other

I love making stories, it explains why I have a lot of characters and how they are all so in depth. If you want some help on structuring your own stories, talk with me about it and we can figure something out! I'd love to try and help in some shape or form. I will try my best.

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How funny, we talked about this in an English class once!

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Tommo999 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
this has helped me on making the story i have been doing at this time and i want to say thanks you for this information. i been doing alot of :plotting: but i never took these under the ideas for me story. i have :fingerscrossed: that i will do better in my story.
KingNeroche Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish you luck on your practices! keep looking up different information on story telling and hopefully you'll be able to get something down!
Tommo999 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
i have a base line of chapter one but that's about it
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I finished...Took me 3 HOURS!
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I've had a very loose story floating around in my head, and reading this helped me define it a little more. 8] Thank you!
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glad it did!
squeeking Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this also seems to help me XD I'm righting a fan story of a hole buncha diffren't stuff. ^^U It's mostly about x-men like mutant people though. ^^U
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